Bradma Diehard Interchangeable Steel Types
This 'kit' offers countless possibilities! Perfect for composing'multi-character data' - to number parts or mark specifications onsteel, aluminium, brass, etc.

Bradma Diehard Hand Punches
Deep, clear impressions! Exceptionally long life - no mushrooming, chipping, or splitting.
Bradma Diehard Automatic Rotary Numerator
Consecutive serial numbers marked automatically on metal parts! Figures advance one-at-time, with perfect impressions-in a simple operation.
Bradma Diehard Rotary Numerator
'The Great Time-Saver' in hand-stamping repeat numbers! Serial numbers, part numbers, code numbers, batch numbers, etc. can be marked.
Bradma Diehard Roll Marking Machines
Curved surfaces? No Problem! Whether components are cylindrical or conical, these machines ensure precision roll-marking. Choice of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Hand models - to suit various marking requirements.
Bradma Diehard Metal Label Marker
A label is a product's valued 'signature'! Also, no excisable product can be sold without a label. That is why so much care and expertise has gone into the design and making of this Label Marker - ensuring 'faithful markings' for a wide range of name plates and tags.
Bradma Diehard Impact Press
Precision marking for parts of varied thickness? This special Impact Press offers easy-to-adjust impact force!.. Ideal for Sheet Metal Work too (Rivetting, Flaring, Piercing, Shearing, Bending etc.). Adaptable for automation. Choice of Hand or Pneumatically operated models.


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