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SIC Marking – France:

SIC Marking is an international company, headquartered in France (near Lyon) with world wide sales network. It has made its mark in international market for the past 3 decades by providing permanent marking and automatic identification solutions for the traceability of industrial components. It developed & manufactured the first laser SIC marking machine in 2004 (For details see M/s. Purshotam Company Private Limited offering the world’s most complete and latest range of SIC Marking’s dot-peen technology, including custom & turnkey systems to meet the Customer’s needs.

  Indent Dot Marking
Column Mounted E10-c153
Portable E9p62/E9p123
E10DP62&E10DP123(Deep Marking)
Integrated E10-i52

SIC Marking – France:

From the simple character made of hardened steel to the numerically controlled machine, SIC MARKING offers a wide range of solutions to mark and identify your products.

Equipments developed by SIC MARKING are used in all industrial sectors (automotive, aircraft, metal industry, mechanical industry, plastics industry, railway industry, medical industry). This process guarantees a permanent and reliable marking directly into the material. The marking (text, logo, data matrix code) is defined by a succession of dots resulting from the oscillation of a tungsten carbide pin mounted into an electromagnetic stylus assembly. The movements of the stylus are generated by stepping motors and powered by an electronic controller.

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