• E10 C153 Heavy Duty Marking Machine


    Cost Effective

    Simple programming and adjustment

    Robust And Reliable

    Stylus Assembly design for intensive use

    Comfortable To Operate

    Integrated counter memorizes positions, LED lighting for visual comfort

    Speed And Accuracy

    Up to 3000 parts per day with 0.02 mm accuracy

    • Dot Peen
    • Alphanumeric
    • 2D DataMatrix Code
    • Logo

    It is engineered with high accuracy and speed. Using a unique electromagnetic marking technology, the c153 column mounted system can adapt to various shapes and surface conditions, whether flat, concave, convex, circular, or raw. It requires only one source of energy, having a 160 x 100 mm marking window, and LED lighting, making it a reliable, consistently accurate, and highly adaptable marking machine.



    Marking window: 160 x 100 mm
    Weight: 28kg
    Column Stroke: Up to 270 mm
    Stylus: Carbide
    Dimensions: 385 x 350 x 704 mm


    The e10 controller provides its operator with a direct and easy-to-use interface. Its large graphic display and membrane-protected QWERTY keyboard make it perfect for use in industrial environments. Because the control box does not have any openings or ventilation, its interior electrical components are protected from harsh elements such as water, chemicals, dust, and material fragments. Marking files can be up/downloaded from a PC to the controller using a USB key, or entered and edited directly on the machine. The e10's (included) comprehensive software package allows for linear, angular, radial, and mirror image marking, and an optional booster card can be used for deep marking. An additional 3rd and 4th axis circuit board can be installed to control a motorized column and rotary axis. The software package incorporates self-diagnostic and machine history functions, making it a "smart" user friendly machine.

    Dimensions: 322 x 380 x 112 mm
    Weight: 5kg
    LCD Screen Resolution: 480 x 272 p
    Keyboard: QWERTY-Integrated, Membrane Overlay
    Power: 300 Watt
    Power Supply: Single Phase (85 to 260VAC, 50-60Hz)
    Number of Controlled Axis: 2 (optional 3 and 4 axis available)
    Card Options: Booster (deep marking) and Ethernet (communication)
    USB Port: Transfer of Marking Files


    Marking Files: More Than 2000
    Memory: 7110 Ko
    Alphanumeric Characters: Serial Number, Date Coding
    Logos: Creation from PC Software
    Datamatrix: Up to 348 Characters, 48 x 48 dots
    Fonts: Arial, Courier, OCR, and OCRA
    Style Angular, Radial, Inverse, and Mirror
    Speed Angular, Radial, Inverse, and Mirror
    Character Size: From 0.1 mm to 99 mm
    Impact Force: 9 Adjustable Levels
    Depth: Up to 0.5 mm
    Resolution Between Dots: 0.05 mm
    Maximum Stylus Stroke: Up to 8 mm
    Work Shift Management: 10 Shifts
    Password Protection: 3 Security Levels
    Historical Function: Password Protected
    Maintenance Assistance: Auto-Diagnostic Component
    Languages Available: 17


    Inputs/Outputs: 16
    External Keyboard Input: USB
    External Output: 5V-0.5A and 24V-0.5A
    Logos: Creation and Transfer Software
    File Backup on PC: USB Key for Transfer
    Database Link: Optional



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